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Wireframing With Omnigraffle – Get The Guide That Makes It Easy
October 4, 2013 Jamie Shiller Prototyping

For the past few years I’ve been using Omnigraffle to create wireframes for new websites I build. Each time the process took longer than it should because I was always slapping layers and layers on top of each other and fiddling with the formatting.

Recently I found a guide on using Omnigraffle for wireframes from CX Partners, a customer experience consultancy.

The guide allowed me to crank out the wireframes for a pretty complex site in two days. The guide was written for Omnigraffle 5. The Omnigroup just released Omnigraffle 6 a few days ago, so some settings may be a little different, but it should be mostly the same.

If you’re using Omnigraffle for wireframes I highly recommend you download the guide. Just click on the image below.

Omnigraffle Wireframe Guide PDF

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