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The Roost Stand
March 13, 2014 Jamie Shiller Product Review

For years I’ve been using the mStand from Rain Design to prop up my Macbook Air. While it’s great for my home office, the mStand is a U shaped hunk of metal that’s not meant for carting around. I wanted something like the mStand that’s portable.

Last week, I learned about The Roost Stand, an ultra portable stand for the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Then I listened to an interview with James Olander, the creator of The Roost Stand, on an episode of the Think, Make, Sell podcast. The interview closed the sale for me. The Roost Stand is a great product. I highly recommend it!

The Roost Stand got it’s start as a Kickstarter project. Take a look at the Kickstarter video.

Here’s a video showing how to open and close The Roost Stand.

This video shows The Roost Stand holding over 132lbs!

This is a side view pic of the Roost Stand on my desk.

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