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Macworld 2014
March 31, 2014 Jamie Shiller Events


Last week I had a chance to spend some time at Macworld in San Francisco. This pic is from a session called Meet The Podcasters. Three of my favorite podcasters were on the panel: David Sparks and Katie Floyd, the hosts of Mac Power Users, and Allison Sheridan, the host of Nosillacast. Don McAllister, creator of ScreenCastsOnline was also on the panel.

Later at a few parties I got a chance to meet some of the folks on the panel. David Sparks gave me a bit of advice on using Markdown and working with a copy editor. Don McAllister explained how he manages tasks for his team using Podio. I’ll have to check out that service.

While I did find some of the Macworld sessions useful, and it’s cool to look at the products, chatting with folks that create the awesome stuff I appreciate is the best reason to go.

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