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Is it a Company or a University? Getting Schooled at MindValley
March 10, 2008 Jamie Shiller MindValley

I’m starting my second week of a month long visit with MindValley in Kuala, Lampur Malaysia. This is a learning adventure to see how MindValley takes an idea and turns it into a profitable business.

These guys know Internet marketing backwards and forwards. They know it better than any other group I’ve encountered. In the coming weeks and months you’ll see MindValley release some truly innovative Internet marketing products. I’ll provide more information when the products become available.

There’s a lot more substance here than I expected. It will be very difficult to soak up MindValley’s business know-how in a month.

My time is spent examining MindValley’s existing portfolio of businesses and participating in the planning stages for new businesses. In many ways, MindValley seems more like a university than a company. Often, times this means pouring through the definitive information product on a particular subject and extracting the pearls of advice that can move company projects to the next level. All the best learnings are documented in the company’s wiki and employees adopt the learnings across the company. This spans the gamut from the best ways to brainstorm an idea for a business to how to package and launch a new product.

My head is bubbling with ideas for new businesses. I plan to test out some concepts next week following the idea testing methodology which MindValley has defined. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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