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Guru Who? – An Abridged Reading List
March 21, 2008 Jamie Shiller Internet Marketing Gurus

So you want to understand a bit about the Internet marketing gurus? Here are a few things I recommend you read.

The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

This is a $97 ebook from Mike Filsaime. Is it worth it? I think so. Filsaime provides some really effective techniques to monetize your website visitors. I’ve never seen better explanations of how to handle one-time-offers and downsells. Although, I wouldn’t recommend buying his software which follows the principles of the manuscript. He’s not updating the software anymore and you would be much better off custom coding some of his ideas into your own ecommerce system anyway.

The Internet Business Manifesto

This is a free ebook from Rich Schefren. As follow-ups, he’s also written the Missing Chapter and the Lost Chapter. In the manifesto, Rich discusses how most folks who attempt to be Internet entrepreneurs are little more than opportunity seekers chasing their tails. He tries to set folks straight by suggesting they think about their business strategically and provides some tools to make this possible.

Product Launch Formula

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is now considered by many as the bible when it comes to launching new Internet businesses and reviving those that already exist. He provides step-by-step instructions to have the most profitable launch possible. Walker is just now releasing the version 2 of the Product Launch formula which provides social media techniques to amplify the effect of a product launch not present in the earlier guide. This is an expensive product, but well worth the investment.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Well, I’ve already mentioned this one from Robert Cialdini in an earlier post. However, since it’s the basis for so much of the guru material, just read it to save some time. You must get this book. A used copy is less than $10 on Amazon.

These suggestions just scratch the surface of the library of materials from the guru Internet marketers. Most of the gurus specialize in one or a few categories. For example, Yanki Silver is considered the authority on copyrighting for the Web, Perry Marshall is know as the master of Google Adwords for newbies, and our friend rich Schefren is the wizard of business growth.

Let me know what subjects are of particular interest and I can recommend the best books and videos.

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