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Choosing The Right Chart
November 17, 2009 Jamie Shiller Create Charts

Sometimes it can be hard to decide on the correct type of chart to best represent your data. Should you use a two axis column line chart or ??? Well, there’s an easy way to narrow down the options.

Dr. Andrew Abela, developer of the Extreme Presentation Method, created the graphic below as a starting point to help us pick the right chart. You can download the PDF here.

Chart Chooser

Based on Dr. Abela’s graphic, the guys over at Juice Analytics built the Chart Chooser tool. Just select a few checkboxes to define your goal for the chart, and the tool will recommend chart options for you.


For each chart type, you’re offered the option of downloading MS Excel and PowerPoint templates.

The chart templates are free of what Edward Tufte calls “chartjunk“. So there’s no grey background, grid lines, or other junk usually added by MS Excel when making charts. You just get clear charts with nice colors 🙂

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