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Internet marketing is my area of expertise. Past consulting clients include eBay, CafePress, DocuSign, myfab, and DeepDyve. Visit my consulting site at Market Extend.
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February 23, 2008 Jamie Shiller Uncategorized

Internet marketing is my area of expertise. I’ve been working at it for 10 years in San Francisco, California.

I was in business development at during its heyday, I’ve run an in-house marketing team (LegalMatch), experienced the downfall of a online mortgage aggregator (The Loan Page), and managed an Interactive agency with clients including Netflix, eMusic, HomeGain, Dealix, and BriteSmile.

This blog covers my adventures in Internet marketing. The goal is to share what I learn while having a bit of fun.

First Adventure – Visiting MindValley in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In March 2008 I traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to study the business processes of the Internet Marketers at MindValley.

Second Adventure – Back to Malaysia to Work on Software

I’m headed back to Malaysia in February 2009 to work on a software project.

To see the Internet marketing consulting services my company offers, please visit Market Extend.

Jamie Shiller

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